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WKTV Back on Time Warner Cable

BREAKING NEWS: WKTV has reached a long-term retransmission consent agreement with Time Warner Cable. According to Smith Media management, local cable systems will restore WKTV’s signal shortly.

We hope that Vic Vetters and Smith Media took note of the lackluster support for WKTV during the Time Warner Cable blackout.   Comments posted online referenced the lack of both  professionalism and real journalism.  We deserve a news outlet that we can be proud of;  talented professional reporters and anchors who can gather and deliver a news package, not just “read the Observer Dispatch”.  We are also not interested in hearing your banal ad-libbing.  Those comments often make you seem arrogant.   So WKTV management, please file this under LESSONS LEARNED and become the news leader we need.


The new paradigm, 15 minutes of criminal behavior

Heading back to work this week, Americans were greeted not only by a new year but also by a whole slew of new laws — 31,000 of them at the state level — covering everything from guns to 100-watt light bulbs to, of course, “health care.” As usual, most of these laws tell us what we can’t do: texting while driving (duh), cyberbullying and smoking in bars.

In the near future, everyone will be a criminal for at least 15 minutes, whether they know it or not.