First Day In Office

On his first day  in office, Congressman Richard Hanna, (R) New York 24,  voted to reduce his, and other individual members office budgets by 5%, and cut the operating budgets of House committee leadership offices.  That means  35 million dollars in savings for taxpayers.

It may be a small part of the overall budget, but it’s a start and shows that congressman Hanna and the 112th Congress are listening to the message that was sent on November 2nd.

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Read the resolution – H. Res 22


We’re Number 1

NEW YORK MILLS —When this week’s New York State Sportswriters Association rankings were released Wednesday, the New York Mills Mauraders (9-0) had moved up one spot,  as the top-ranked Class D boys basketball team in the state.

Congratulations to the boys and to Coach Adey.

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NYMillsNotes visits Washington DC

We have just returned from an exciting trip to our Nation’s Capitol to be there as our new congressman,  Richard Hanna, (R) of Barneveld, officially became part of  the 112th Congress.
On Wednesday afternoon, January 5th we joined Richards family, friends and supporters to watch a video feed at the Sonoma Restaurant as Richard Hanna was sworn in along with other  congressmen.  That was followed by a tour of Hanna’s office, where bottles of the locally made Saranac root beer, and ginger ale were passed out to visitors.  We met staffers and had more opportunity to speak with our new representative.  Remember, Congress is the “Peoples House” and so we should actively participate by contacting his office with our concerns and opinions on upcoming legislation.

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Contact Congressman Richard Hanna

Washington, DC
319 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3665
Fax: (202)225-1891
Congressman Hanna’s  web page

Boehner To Swear-In Hanna

Washington, D.C. (WIBX) – Congressman-elect Richard Hanna will be on Capitol Hill to be sworn into the 112th Congress on January 5.

House Speaker-designee John Boehner will conduct an individual swearing-in ceremony for the Barneveld Republican following the en masse oath of office on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Hanna will represent the 24th Congressional District and will serve on the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and the Committee on Education and Labor.

Whitesboro Village dissolution vote to happen Tuesday

Registered voters living in the Village of Whitesboro submitted a petition to force a vote on whether or not to dissolve the village. This vote will be held on January 4, 2011. The format of this vote will be, “shall the Village of Whitesboro be dissolved, yes or no.”

The debate started last April when the village announced they wanted to raise taxes more than 70 percent.

If the majority votes yes, a study will be done to determine the impact dissolving the Village of Whitesboro would have on residents. If they vote no, everything will remain the same.

This from

  • Currently there is no grant money available for a dissolution plan, which includes attorney fees of approximately $60,000.
  • Required consulting fees will be $30,000 – 40,000.
  • The debt that the village owes will still be owed by village taxpayers, it will not be disbursed among town residents. This includes the revenue anticipation note, debt for equipment and properties that are not owned outright.
  • Village residents will still be taxed for the services and maintenance that comes with living in a village, such as sidewalks, street lights, etc. Town residents that do not have sidewalks and street lights will not share the burden of upkeep.
  • If the Village of Whitesboro dissolves, we will lose our village services — including highway department, police protection, fire department, codes department, historian, court and judge — and will be dependant on Town services and county and state police patrols.
  • Village residents will need to provide themselves with a trash pickup service, since the town does not offer trash removal services.  These trash pickup services will usually require a monthly or annual fee.
  • If the Village of Whitesboro dissolves, there is no getting it back.
  • Dissolution is not normally a cost savings, just a cost shift.

New York Mills Board Not Prepared

* The question of who the next mayor of New York Mills should be was greeted by prolonged silence from the board of trustees Monday night. Three trustees said they weren’t interested in being mayor, but senior member John Bialek said he may consider the position after discussing the matter with the rest of the board.
* The board also was not ready to name a new village police chief as Chief Robert Swenszkowski prepares to join outgoing Mayor Robert Maciol at the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office.
* The board will meet next Monday to discuss filling three part-time police officer positions, and continue to weigh how the appointment of a new police chief may affect possible plans to consolidate police forces with Whitesboro

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